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Mountain 7 colors, Vinicunca

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This Rainbow Mountain tour is an ostentatious but challenging adventure. You will not only enjoy the colorful wonder of the capricious formation of the high Andean mountains but also admire the survival of the Andean people.

They knew how to appreciate and dominate nature. They have adapted to the environment of very cold temperatures to live in harmony with the Pacha Mama (Mother Earth); whose livelihood economic is based on livestock (llamas, alpacas and sheep) and the growing of tubers such as potatoes, their main food source.

Andean people from this area are very grateful for tourism and offer their horse service to facilitate visitors in their adventure to Rainbow Mountain. In this way, you will have the great opportunity to share and socialize with the typical friendship of the Quechua people.



We will pick you up from your hotel at 4:30 a.m. in our private transport. Then we will make the three-hour trip to the beginning of the trek Llacto (4,630 meters – 15,190 feet). Before embarking on the adventure, we will stop in Cusipata village, where we will be offered an invigorating boxed breakfast.

Our task will be to reach the viewpoint of the rainbow mountain, locally known as Vinicunca. Throughout the trip, we will go through a valley formed by streams. As we ascend the winding road to the Rainbow Mountain we will see herds of llamas, alpacas and sheep that are scattered in the meadows. Approaching the summit, you will appreciate the imposing majestic snow of the AUSANGATE (6,300 meters – 20,900 feet) and the beautiful red colored hills. From the viewpoint located at more than 5, 020 meters – 16,400 feet, we will have a spectacular 360-degree view of the glaciers, valleys and picturesque mountains. The rainbow mountain in its natural formation will undoubtedly impact everyone.

While we enjoy this breathtaking view, our guide will provide you with a history to the formation of these eccentric colors.

After about an hour we will continue on to the red valley, another breathtaking area not to be missed by trekkers but seldom visited, literally is like to be in mars!

After thoroughly enjoying the majestic views and be weary of the wonder, we will begin our descent back from the Rainbow Mountain and red valley. Once back to the trailhead (1 hour), we will drive head back to Cusipata village. Shortly after you will have a lunch and depart back to Cusco, arriving around 4pm and dropping you close as possible to your hotel.



  • Duration                   : Full day
  • Walking distance     : 8 km / 4.9 miles (round-trip)
  • Minimum height      : 4,630 meters – 15,190 feet
  • Maximum height     : 5,020 meters (16,400 feet)
  • Elevation gained      :390 meters / 1270 feet
  • Temperature            : Minimum -5 °C (23 °F) / max. 14 °C (68 °F)
  • Physical difficulty    :  Moderate, but challenging.



  • Private transportation to and from your hotel in Cusco
  • Peruvian Style Breakfast (boxed up)
  • Lunch
  • Snacks for the walk (seasonal fruit, biscuit and candies)
  • Entry ticket to the private land
  • Walking stick
  • Water (1 1/2 liters)
  • Oxygen tank & first aid kit


  • Gratuity
  • Personal horse to ride
  • Travel insurance.




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